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Rachel's Cafe & Spice Co

Rachel’s Café and Spice Co is a homie little spot on the outskirts of Glens Falls, NY. It is located in the industrial East End of the city and is open for Breakfast and Lunch Wed-Sat.

food, spices, tea, and more!

Owned and Operated by Rachel and Dave Dutra, the café and spice co is the product of many years of their combined food industry experience. The shop is an eclectic mix of food, spices, tea, and retail with the offerings boasting a try it before you buy it type of experience for many of the small batch spice and tea blends.

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The menu is a diverse collection of panini’s grilled on cast iron, salads, homemade soup, and the ever popular corned beef hash. All day breakfast is very popular, especially on Saturdays. The ingredients are fresh and clean, even local when available. Sandwiches are served with fruit or sweet potato homefries and you won’t find a fryer in the kitchen.

wholesome foods for everyone

What makes Rachel’s Café  truly unique are the offerings for people eating under specific guidelines. The menu offers Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free meals that are wholesome and tasty. An avid yogi and former cross fitter Rachel truly believes how we fuel our body is essential to our total being. Guests shouldn’t have to “cheat” just to go out to eat!


But there is a human aspect to eating as well. We want to treat ourselves, we want to have something “bad” every now and again. This is simply Balance.  It's totally ok! That's why we have a little bit of everything!

A personal note from Rachel:

I've had so many people ask me why the Paleo/Keto etc offerings. I've seen first hand what finding the right eating plan can do for well being. The Paleo way of eating not only saved my Father's health but has also saved mine. However, that does not mean I think that is the only way. I often encourage people to try different eating styles to find what makes them feel the best. And at our Cafe customers can try a variety of meals to experiment with their own journey to wellness.

Paleo isn’t necessarily about imitating the Hunterer/Gatherer lifestyle and Keto doesn’t have to be about maintaining or even reaching ketosis. It’s about people eating to be healthy and strong. There is no one size fits all way to eat, call it the different strokes for different folks ideology. We strive to support  people to eat to be as healthy and strong as possible.

Oh and to treat themselves too. Because you are worth it!